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CALL US NOW: (615) 302-4017

CALL US NOW: (615) 302-4017


Brian N.

Great service, great pricing, and the food is pretty solid as well. Big menus/options, good for kids, and the tortilla soup is legit

Rich R.

This place has the best Mexican food in the area... or any area I suppose. Service is a lot op notch and the food I cannot complain about. I have not tried "all" of the menu but I can vouch for 90% of it and I have not had a bad meal yet. Super fast as well.

Joe W.

Food was pretty good, service was great! Salsa was pace like, spicy salsa had lots of spice but not the best. They have great prices on food and drinks. They also have a large variety of options for food choices! Food tasted pretty authentic. Rice was a bit bland and beans were very dry, but overall was good. Would recommend and we will be back!


They have the best tacos and michelada
I like the family atmosphere of this restaurant

Kimberly L.

The best Mexican food in Spring Hill. They use a higher quality chicken than the other places, it's full of flavor instead of straight grease. Everything taste freshly made and the vegetables are crisp and grilled to order. My favorite entree is the Pollo Feliz with Zucchini added. They also have the freshest guacamole.

Meredith B.

Hands down the best Mexican food I've ever had! Went for dinner for the first time last night and I will definitely be back. I ordered the Guacamole Shrimp and it was AMAZING! Margarita's were great and generously strong.